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Our Confirmation Commissioning Course at Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a completely customized program for students 6th grade and older who are ready to make a personal claim on their faith. This 14-week mentoring program helps students articulate what they believe--not what someone else tells them to believe--and provides opportunities to put their faith into practice.

Registration for our next Confirmation group is open now, with a deadline of Sunday, November 24, 2019. Students 6th grade and older can register by completing and returning this registration form or by registering in person in the church office.

The following topics will be covered in C3:

     God's Story, Our Story

     Sin & Temptation

     Need for a Savior

     The Resurrection

     The Church

     Building a Church

     Service, Outreach and Stewardship

     The Sacraments


     What is a Cumberland Presbyterian?

     Writing a Faith Statement

Along with exploring these topics, we will visit a couple other Christian worshiping communities to experience how others worship God. You will also have opportunities to serve our church and community, through worship and other ministries.

With any questions about C3, call Andy at 423.525.3818 or email

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