Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul
Students in 6th-8th grades make up our Middle School Ministry.  We meet on Sunday nights from 6-7:30pm for dinner, games, discussion and fun.  We also meet on Monday afternoons for our Middle School Monday group.  All middle school students are welcome to join us in this safe and supportive environment as we grow in faith together.

      5         SOUPer Bowl of Caring
                  Superb Owl Party @ the Strange's at 6:00pm
      6         Middle School Monday, 3pm
      12       Youth Group, 6pm
      13       Middle School Monday, 3pm
      19       No Youth Group--President's Day
      20      No MSM--President's Day
      26      Youth Sunday, 10:30am
                 WinterJam Knoxville, 11:30am
      27       MSM, 3pm
      3         24 Hours of Poverty All-Nighter, 6pm
      4         Indoor Yard Sale Fundraiser, 8-noon
      5         No Youth Group
      6         MSM, 3pm
      12       Youth Group, 6pm
      13       MSM, 3pm
      19       Youth Group, 6pm
      20       MSM, 3pm
      26       No Youth Group--Spring Break
      27       No MSM--Spring Break
      2          No Youth Group--Spring Break
      3          No MSM--Spring Break
      9          Youth Group, 6pm
      10        MSM, 3pm
      16         No Youth Group--Easter
      17         MSM, 3pm
      23         Youth Group, 6pm
      24          MSM, 3pm
      30          Youth Group, 6pm
       1            MSM, 3pm
       7            Senior Sunday
       8            MSM, 3pm
July 7             Day in Asheville
                         Service project at Manna Food Bank, followed by a fun afternoon at Asheville Fun Depot
July 16-20     Middle School Camp @ Camp John Speer
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