Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul

Students in the 9th-12th grades make up our High School Ministry.  We meet on Sunday evenings from 6-7:30pm for dinner, games, discussion, and fun.  We also meet on Wednesday nights during the school year at Catalyst Coffee Co. at 6:45pm.  With the busy schedule that High School life brings, we try to set aside time each week to grow closer to God and closer to one another.

Upcoming Schedule
      5         SOUPer Bowl of Caring
                  Superb Owl Party @ the Strange's at 6:00pm
      12       Youth Group, 6pm
      19       No Youth Group--President's Day
      20      No MSM--President's Day
      26      Youth Sunday, 10:30am
                 WinterJam Knoxville, 11:30am
      28       40 Days Small Group, 5:15pm
      3         24 Hours of Poverty All-Nighter, 6pm
      4         Indoor Yard Sale Fundraiser, 8-noon
      5         No Youth Group
      7         40 Days, 5:15pm
      12       Youth Group, 6pm
      14       40 Days, 5:15pm
      19       Youth Group, 6pm
      21       40 Days, 5:15pm
      26       No Youth Group--Spring Break
      27       No MSM--Spring Break
      2          No Youth Group--Spring Break
      4          40 Days, 5:15pm
      9          Youth Group, 6pm
      11          40 Days, 5:15pm
      16         No Youth Group--Easter
      23         Youth Group, 6pm
      30          Youth Group, 6pm
       7            Senior Sunday

June 25-30            CPYC
July 7                      Day in Asheville
                                 Service project at Manna Food Bank then a fun afternoon at Asheville Fun Depot
July 16-22              Montreat Youth Conference

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