Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul
 It is important to build a strong foundation of faith in children that they can build upon for the rest of their lives.  The Cumberland Presbyterian Church has compiled a list of twelve basic Bible verses, prayers, creeds, and lists that we feel are important building blocks for developing the Christian faith.  We call this list "Bible Basics."
Families can work together to learn the Bible Basics as you drive down the street in your car, around the dinner table or as you wait in the doctor's office.  As children master each basic, they can share what they've learned with one of the Bible Basics leadersEach basic shared with a leader will earn the child a sticker on the Bible Basic's chart.  After all stickers are earned, the child will be recognized in worship and their name will be forever engrave on the "Bible Basics Honor Roll" placard displayed in the church.
To receive a Bible Basics booklet, stop by or call
the church office (423-638-4119) or email Andy
The following items are on the Bible Basics list:
- The Golden Rule
- John 3:16
- The Greatest Commandment
- Fruit of the Spirit
- The Lord's Prayer
- Psalm 23
- The Ten Commandments
- Books of the New Testament
- Books of the Old Testament
- The Doxology
- Gloria Patri
- The Apostles Creed
To recieve a CD with these songs, contact Andy.