Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul
To secure the cheapest possible airfare, we need to have a final commitment of team members by Saturday, October 1, 2016.
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the trip?
          The tentative dates for the trip are Monday, June 19—Monday, June 26, 2017.  We are looking for the cheapest possible airfare, which may cause these dates to be adjusted, but not by much.
Who is going?
            Our Mission Team will consist of approximately 25 people.  Our goal is to fill the majority of those slots with youth and adults from Greeneville, although some of the team members will be from Augusta, GA.
How old do I have to be to go?
            The organization we work with prefers that participants have completed their 10th grade year.  However, mature students going into the 9th or 10th grade that are interested in going can submit an application and will be considered as an exception to the rule.  Anyone who has completed their 10th grade year is welcome to participate.
How much does the trip cost?
            The cost is $1300/person.  Fundraisers throughout the year will be organized to help offset the cost for our group, but individuals should explore every opportunity for individual fundraising as well.
What type of work will we be doing?
            Some of our projects will be dependent upon the skills of our group.  For example, if a medical professional is able to go, we will be able to host a medical clinic in the village.  Other projects could include a Vacation Bible School, construction, choir, soccer camp, etc.
Where do we sleep?
          While in the village of La Source, we sleep in tents on the beach, or you might choose to bring a hammock to tie between 2 palm trees.  Our tents are pitched inside a fenced area we call our “compound.”  This compound includes a simple home where former missionaries have lived.
Isn't Haiti hot in the summer?
     Yes.  You might have heard the expression "Hot as Hades."  After a week in La Source, you'll be sure the saying is "Hot as Haiti."  Temperatures will easily reach 100 degrees during the day with little to no breezes.  Nighttime might give you relief of 80 degree temperatures.  Battery powered fans and cooling towels are strongly suggested.
What language do Haitians speak?
     In Haiti, you will hear residents speaking Haitian Creole, which is a French-based language.  There will be several translators with our group to assist in communication.  The Haitians appreciate any effort you make toward learning their language, and especially the children are happy to teach!
Is the trip safe?
       Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, with nearly 80% of it's population living in poverty.  Therefore, it is a normal reaction to assume that American's traveling to Haiti are putting themselves in danger.  However, the experience of those who have traveled to La Source is that the Haitians treat their guests with respect and appreciation.  
Aren't our resources better used in our local community?
       At $1300 per person for a team of 25 people, we will be spending a large amount of money to travel to Haiti.  It is a natural reaction to question if we are making the best use of our resources.  We are not the first Christians to wrestle with our understanding of what it means to love our neighbor.  No doubt, the resources used to make this trip possible could do amazing things in our community as well.  But we believe that a trip of this nature has the potential to not only touch the lives of those living in La Source, but it can also reshape the way our team members approach the world.  Our hope is that every person who travels to La Source gains a fresh perspective of God's calling of them to serve their community.  In that way, these resources are being used to help our local community.
When was the last time a group from our church went to Haiti?
           Although we have supported Tony Williams on several trips to La Source, our church has only sent a group in 2014.  You can watch a video of the group's experience here: